The straight-nosed pipefish, “the Ribbonnie”

What is this little tail? It’s a fish! It looks like a ribbon. Our wiggly little animal reaches up to 30 cm in length. It’s called a straight-nosed pipefish. Before it grows up, it already has a fin on its belly. The straight-nosed pipefish doesn’t have a fin on its tail, which distinguishes it from the similar fish called just pipefish.


“The Ribonnie” loves to hide around the underwater plants. Its tail can wrap around them. This fish can camouflage itself to look similar to the leaves of the seagrass. When a straight-nosed pipefish and its beloved one decide to start a family, the future mummy sticks her eggs to the male’s belly. Their children are only 1 cm long.

Interesting facts

Who would have thought? The straight-nosed pipefish is a cousin of a sea horse!