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What animal is this?

There are a lot of animals living in the Baltic Sea. They are of different colours, shapes and sizes. Some of them are small fish, such as a three-spined stickleback or a sprat. Others are bigger, take a seal or a harbour porpoise, for example. They have big teeth, tusks, spines, whiskers or a transparent body. There are also tiny creatures which like to live in seashells. Would you recognise the animals on their portraits? The seal will help you learn to identify them.

Find me!

Do you want to become a sea detective? In the Baltic Sea, there are animals which change their colours in order to hide. They then start to resemble their surroundings. This phenomenon is called camouflage. Do you know that there are also animals with transparent bodies, so they are almost invisible? Can you imagine? Search for hidden creatures!

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