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The more you engage in the protection of the Baltic Sea, the bigger chance that the marine fauna will survive. Unfortunately, the number of the Baltic animals is drastically falling. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) so much as 90% of fisheries are being commercially exploited (Raport FAO, Sofia 2014). If we won’t change anything, in few years the Baltic Sea can become an empty reservoir. There will be no seals, salmons or garfish. In such circumstances, every help has an enormous significance for the environment.

We believe in cooperation. Through collaborating and sharing the knowledge about the Baltic animals, we will achieve success. If you want to engage in the project and share your skills, knowledge and time, write to us. Friends have the power!

Social Media

On the Balticarium’s fanpage you will find the most recent information about the project. If you like us and invite your friends to like this page, you will give others and yourself a chance for active participation in the growth of the project. Through opinion sharing, gaining knowledge about the Baltic life, participation in workshops and vernissages, testing games and apps, you are one step closer to the environmental protection. Be up-to-date with all events and tell your friends and family about the Balticarium! Let them lose their heart to Baltic animals!

The Balticarium’s Friend

Balticarium connects people who engage in the protection of the environment and promote the knowledge of the Baltic Sea through sharing their talents. Do you know Lithuanian or Dutch? Perhaps you are a talented musician? Or mayve you want to create a theatrical performance or an app? Could you do a lecture, conduct a workshops or organise a conference? Do you write tales? Write down your idea and send it to us. Your support will impact the efficiency of the project. Together, we will contribute to the change of the way of thinking about sea ecology.

For business

Does your company want to participate in the development of the corporate social responsibility? Does it want to be perceived as  being friendly to and supporting the environmental protection? Do you want your clients to have the feeling of doing something meaningful while doing business with you ? Join our team as a sponsor and let the world know about the big role you play in the protection of the natural environment. Together we can protect the animals of the Baltic Sea. We will conduct campaigns created specifically for your company. If you want your business to cooperate with ecological and educational projects, contact us, please.


Mariusz Królczyk

lawyer, Ocean engineering engineer, lecturer

Founder of the Griffin Law Firm, a graduate of two universities: the University of Gdańsk, Faculty of Law and Administration with a Master's degree in Law and Gdańsk University of Technology with the specialization: Management and Marketing Engineer in the Maritime Economy. He helps the Balticarium project due to the fact that his passion is the sea, followed by maritime law. He is a law lecturer at the Maritime School in Gdynia and the Polish Chamber of Maritime Commerce. He has extensive experience in legal advisory for business entities, in particular in the maritime, service and industrial sectors. In addition, he has extensive knowledge in matters related to the sea and sailors, he also specializes in taxes for sailors. Privately, he loves sea sailing and is passionate about kitesurfing.


Patrycja Pawłowska

animator, illustrator, graphic designer

Patrycja was born in Grudziadz, Poland but for the last 5 years she has been living in Gdansk. She moved there to start her education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Being in her graduation yaer, she is currently studying at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. Patrycja's work has been heavily influenced by Japanese animation and currently the same can be said of the American animated series, 'Steven Universe". What gives her a boost in her illustration projects is the work of 'Etam cru' team and Patrycja Podkościelny, an illustrator. She spends her free time singing, drawing, playing 'Dragon Age' and trying out new recipes. Children-oriented projects are her favourite ones and that is why she is eagerly participating in Balticarium. Patrycja Pawłowska created the animations for our "Find me" game.


Michał Procajło

oceanographer, underwater photographer, diving instructor, freediver

From his early years he has been fascinated by the deep sea. It all started at the age of 7 with snorkeling, which is basically about observing the underwater world using a mask with a pipe. Later, as a teenager, he began his adventures with freediving: while holding his breath he could venture deeper when under water and expand his perception of the marine life. When this was not enough, the next natural next step for Michal was scuba diving followed, this time on firm land, by enrolling to oceanographic studies. He bound his life with the sea which has resulted in beautiful and breathtaking photographs of the underwater life, as well as enthusing others with his talks about his adventures. Michal joined Balticarium, because he wants to show the hidden colours of the Baltic Sea, its beauty and the need its protecting and revitalizing. Michael Procajło has granted our portal some of his photos and videos of the animals found in the Baltic Sea.



Euzebiusz Domagalski

musician, teacher of English

This individual is devoted entirely to his biggest passion, music. What genre ? Any good one. Rock, pop, folk and electronica, but when it comes to creating sounds, it is probably the latter that he finds most interesting: everything that derives directly from Kraftwerk, in other words, the contemporary club music, and in it, he values Tech House most. A great supporter of modern electronic media as the means of popularizing scientific knowledge. Besides, Euzebiusz has been fascinated by astrophysics and cosmology for years. He finds it obvious  to participate in our project as he lives by the Baltic Sea and believes the youngest citizens of our planet should know its fauna better. In his humble opinion, 'Balticarium'  does all that in a very modern, attractive and accessible manner. P.S. Oops... Euzebiusz also likes fish and seafood when served on a plate. He composed the music for the home page animation and for “What animal is this ?" game. 


drum group

A drum group, created by three extremely talented friends, Tomasz Myszk, Nikodem Wojtkiewicz and Mateusz Zawadzki. Three different characters, three different interests, but one passion and goal. In short, a truly explosive artistic mixture. Working in their instrumental grottes “grottoes”, they plan, create and arrange. Their concerts are spontaneous and filled with positive energy. The trio works with singers and composers from Gdansk. Raised musically at the Academy of Music in Gdansk, they perform on both Polish and international music scenes. The enormity of ideas that makes each of their events unique makes audiences crave for more after leaving the concert. While on stage, those three extraordinary friends will provide you with what you would like to hear and see, but what sometimes does not seem to be an obvious combination. TRIO PER KA  shared with us pieces of their music for the Balticarium game called "Find me".



Green Projects


Created by two friends eco-xciting blog about ecology, the environmental protection and being eco. The first one finished ecologically focused studies, and so he has a scientific basis to deal with the protection of the environment and ecology. That's why he writes about serious matters (green energy, climate agreement, ecology in the politics of countries). He gives statistics providing a wide view of ecology and explains why MWh from windmill is better than MWh of Bełchatów, Poland. The second of them may not have the green education, but has a green idea of ecology. So that is why he received the role of the one who writes about the matters of lesser caliber, and by the way takes care of it, that would be ecologically and fascinatingly, what means eco-xcitingly. Green Projects periodically creates articles for Balticarium blog.




The Polish-Swedish Society

translators of Swedish language

Polish-Swedish Society was founded in 1926 in Warsaw, Poland, where it has its headquarters. The statutory goals of the Society is to build relations between Poland and Sweden at the level of culture, history, art and economy. It implements original programs such as "Sweden – its culture, history and language", or "Culinary Sweden." TP-S in collaboration with the University of Social Psychology, as a part of student internship, runs the programs, which promote Swedish solutions in the field of road safety and waste management. TP-S works with the Association of Polish Organizations in Sweden and the European Union of Polish Communities. Also cooperates with the choir Amici Canentes, which with their performances graces annually Saint Lucia celebrations. For the project Balticarium members of TP-S have done a translation of the Swedish version of website. TP-S, collaborating with Balticarium, promotes the ideas of the program in Sweden.



translators of Russian language

Paulina Milewska: student of Russian philology at the University of Gdańsk, Poland and debutant translator, but she claims that she will not stop there. She wants to develop the Norwegian language, because as she says - languages are the future. Enthusiast of bird watching, cooking and photography. Agnieszka Langowska: was born in Gdynia. She loves this city, because in her opinion it`s one of the most exciting places in the world. She studies at the University of Gdańsk. From early years she was fascinated by the sea and Russian language. She also likes a good literature. Scientific Circle of Archaeology Students at the University of Maria Curie-Skłodowska in Lublin, Poland was founded in 1959. The Circle organizes conferences, workshops, Open Days, historical reconstructions and implements the project "Archaeology for children and young people". The translators joined the project Balticarium to enable the Russian-speaking readers to use the website.


translators of Finnish language

Sabina Lech: student of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Gdańsk, Poland. She does her best to live and follow her heart at once – in her heart foreign languages lie.  She loves the people – they inspire her. She has fallen in love with Finland and everything what Finnish is. She has one big dream – to see the whole world. Dominika Majkowska: is interested in learning foreign languages and art, which she delves into at free time and she tries to create herself. She is intrigued with Nordic culture, as her field of study reveals – Scandinavian Studies at the University of Gdańsk. Dominika is inspired by the Baltic Sea with which she has a special bond. Emma Laakso; studies Finnish language and literature at the University of Tampere in Finland. During her internship at the University of Gdańsk, she supported her students in translation of Balticarium webpage. Her dearest memories of the Baltic Sea are from a small sauna in Helsinki, where she was swimming in the sea, seeing the whole city in front of her and hearing the lion roars from the zoo nearby.


translators of Danish language

Gabriela Urbaczewska: student of Danish language and European and International Business Law and EU administration at University of Gdańsk, Poland. She is interested in European political scene. One of her dreams will come true soon - she will take part in the exchange in Copenhagen. Internship in the European Parliament and surfing lessons are still waiting for realization. Marta Mielniczek: is learning Danish language at the University of Gdańsk. She loves playing in scrabble and volleyball. She is passionate about travelling abroad and hanging out with interesting people. Marta collects comics with the Donald Duck, reads them in various languages, what helps her studying them. Marta Nieuważny: comes from Toruń, Poland, but lives in Gdańsk now – studies Danish language at the University of Gdańsk. Her interests are foreign languages and music – Marta has been playing the piano since she was six, graduated from a music school. She spends her free time watching football and lazing around in the good company – in line with the Danish hygge concept.

The Danish Cultural Institute has been a patron of the Danish version of the Balticarium website.



translators of German language

This group comprises PhD, MA and BA students from different Polish cities who met in Wrocław, Poland, the European Capital of Culture 2016. Each year they broaden their field of activity and participate in new events. Sometimes these belong to the field of linguistics, culture and translation studies, sometimes to didactics. However, the students’ goal remains the same: to gain experience while doing what they enjoy the most in everyday life. They were glad to take part in the Balticarium project because they like translation challenges. They have already tried their hand at translating aphorisms, films and poems. Each undertaking culminated with publishing or presenting prepared translations. This is their first opportunity to localise a website. It makes them extremely happy that thanks to their effort the Balticarium project will reach also the speakers of German.


Chen Yangxin, Yang Jiawen, Zhi Minyi, Guo Jianzhi, Liao Xiaohuan, Lu Jiaying, Xu Bowen, Xu Duanying, Liang Xiaocong, Liu Yanqi, Dai Dongjun, Chen Cuiting, He Huilan, He Jianan, Lan Siqi, Xian Yingying

translators of Chinese language

They are studying Polish at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

Chen Yangxin: She is interested in reading and writing. In July 2016 she attended summer Polish language course in Wroclaw. She likes pigeons on the streets in Poland. Yang Jiawen: He likes travelling around the world. He is interested in culture and literature. Zhi Minyi: She is learning history, culture and art and is interested in Polish tradition. She likes listening to music, watching movies, reading books and running. Polish films and books help her in understanding Poland. Guo Jianzhi: He attended summer Polish language course in Wroclaw and is going to study at Jagiellonian University in Krakow for a one year. He has many interests: literature, music, economics and so on. He studied traditional Chinese culture on his own. Liao Xiaohuan: He is 20 years old. He likes playing the guitar, singing and sports. He thinks that Poland is very pretty. Lu Jiaying: She is interested in literature and sport. She likes running and playing tennis. She is nice and open. She loves nature and eagerly takes part in nature conservation. Xu Bowen: He likes photography and historical literature, especially concerning Chinese history. He hopes to travel around the world and learn even more different languages. Xu Duanying: He likes art, especially music. He has been studying in Poland from October 2017. Liang Xiaocong: She comes from Guangzhou in China. She is nice, open, hard-working and full of life. She likes painting, calligraphy and photography and is interested in poetry. Liu Yanqi: She attended Summer School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners organized by Pultusk Academy of Humanities. She is going to study Polish at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in the next year. She is interested in music, literature and film. Dai Dongjun: He is interested in photography and travelling and really likes Polish art. He was volunteering as a teacher in “Spread the wing” summer camp, AIESEC. Chen Cuiting: He has been studying Polish for two years. He likes listening to music and is interested in Polish culture. He would like to meet more people from Poland. He Huilan: she attended summer Polish course in 2016. She is going to study at the Nicolaus Copernicus University for one year. She is interested in animation and art and thinks that Balticarium project is very fascinating. He Jianan: She likes painting and reading. She thinks that Balticarium project is interesting and nice, therefore she wanted to help. Lan Siqi: He likes listening to music and watching movies. He hopes that more and more people will get to know the Baltic Sea. Xian Yingying: She likes animals and is interested in literature and music.