What does the sound of the Baltic Sea waves tell us?

The book captures children’s attention, making the sea depths much more fascinating. Thanks to the illustrations, kids can find out interesting facts about the Baltic animals. By learning biology through play, they can become passionate about the Baltic Sea.

This interactive book  enables children to do various things, for example, to look for camouflaging flounders. Thanks to the book, children can also get acquainted with a sea scorpion, or can even hug a seal. They learn which fish is the best dad in the world, and how is it possible that the sand hopper really loves to clean the beaches. These animals and the world they live in, inspire children. Kids start to create free associations, which is very stimulating for their imagination. The exercises in the book inspire children to play with the animals. Through drawing and doing the exercises, they become the co-authors of this book! Taking this album to the beach, can trigger an adventure. Parents can also have a great fun, while the imaginative activities develop their children’s creativity. High quality illustrations, typography and the graphic composition influence young readers’ sense of beauty.

The publication is based on illustrations and through them it interacts with children. The text is brought to the minimum, as it is intended for small children.

The aim of this book is to show children that it is important to stay open-minded, to explore the world, to be interested in sea animals, to care for all the creatures and to think ecologically. An author of the book hopes that the publication will attract children’s interest and will be a fantastic adventure!


Text and illustrations: Natalia Uryniuk

The planned publication of the book: first half of 2017


Natalia Uryniuk

artist, illustrator

Natalia is PhD student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland. She works as an assistant in the Illustration Studio of Prof. Jadwiga Okrassa. Natalia specializes in painting and graphics, creates educational games for children, illustrated books and she also designs clothes. Natalia had the honour of receiving one of the awards from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland for the most talented art and design students in Poland. In 2014 she was chosen by Rector as the best student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. She is a "Mloda Polska Scholarship' stipendist, awarded by the National Cultural Centre  in 2016. In 2011 Natalia was a stipendist at Escola Superior Artistica do Porto, Portugal, where she painted traditional azulejos tiles. As the chairwoman of “Start” Student Gallery  in Gdańsk, Natalia helped other students to organize their first exhibitions in the Tricity area.  She participated in numerous art exhibitions, including galleries in Kuala Lumpur, Warsaw, Cairo, Berlin, Hong Kong, Porto, Beijing or Singapore. Natalia illustrated two books for children,"Play in Gdańsk" and "On The Trail of Kashubia". Her goal is to build in children their curiosity of the world and desire to help others.