The lumpsucker, “the Suckie”

Does this fish do the boxing? Its body is contorted and awkward, as if it was just fighting on a ring. No… it’s a lumpsucker! Its looks are not typical. On its belly, there is a sucker, thanks to which the fish can attach strongly to the stones or big algae. Let’s call this fish “the Suckie” then.


In the Baltic Sea, its body reaches the length of 40 cm. On the bare skin of the lumpsucker, there are few spines. “The Suckie” loves nature, and for its house it chooses an overgrown, green seabed.

Interesting facts

A male lumpsucker is smaller than a female. When he picks her on, his belly turns red. Cute! When children hatch, for some time they cling to their daddy’s body.