Discover the fascinating world of the Baltic Sea!

This fish has thorns AUU!

This little fish likes to experiment with its looks and is a fan of a mohawk. How is it possible? On its back, the three-spined stickleback has got three moving spines and some more are located on its belly and on the side of its body. This is why some call this fish “the Executioner”. But don’t be afraid. Three-spined stickleback it...

Where the flounder is hiding?

Do you want to become a sea detective? In the Baltic Sea, there are animals which change their colours in order to hide. They then start to resemble their surroundings. This phenomenon is called camouflage. Search for hidden creatures!

What a beautiful bird! What is this?

It looks like a pigeon, but its feathers are black-and-white. What a proud colour of its beak and legs - red! Each foot of this bird has got three toes, which are partly connected with one another. How many toes do you have? Mrs Oystercatcher and Mr Oystercatcher wear...

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Aimed at children and adults, Balticarium is an innovative project which spreads the knowledge of the beautiful world of the Baltic Sea. It's a straightforward way to reach the youngest inhabitants of the Baltic coast, the Polish ones, as well as those from other Baltic countries. Reach out and see how important and how special is our sea. If you feel responsible for the environment you live in and want to support us in the mission we are on, you can:

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