The great sandeel “the Longish”

This fish is lo-o-o-ng and thin, it grows up to 28 centimetres in length. It’s got two notably sharp little teeth. On its body, you will find a lot of folds. It is very similar to another little fish, the lesser sand eel. In contrast to it, the great sandeel has got a little black spot on the side of its mouth.

Most often, the great sandeel can be spotted on the sandy bottom of the Baltic Sea. For lunch it eats small plankton (to find out what plankton is see the moon jelly's description), shellfish and roe. When the great sandeel gets older, smaller fish such as similar lesser sand eels become its delicacy.

Interesting facts

Both the great and lesser sand eels are often caught by fishermen, who use them as a bait. Moreover, they are favourite food for lots of other fish. They are also eaten by birds. Ah…, the life of the “the Longish” is tough!