The three-spined stickleback “the Executioner”

This little fish likes to experiment with its looks and is a fan of a mohawk. How is it possible? On its back, the three-spined stickleback has got three moving spines and some more are located on its belly and on the side of its body.

This is why some call this fish “the Executioner”. But don’t be afraid. It’s a very small fish, and it will not hurt you! The length of its body is only about 5 to 8 centimetres. It’s got a grey back and silver sides. “The Executioner” does not have any scales. We can often meet it near the coastline of the Baltic Sea.

Interesting facts

In order to appeal to its sweetheart, “The Executioner” taints its belly red. After all, red is the colour of love! Moreover, the stickleback male is a good father. He himself builds a nest for his children and he looks after them until they grow up and leave home.