The mute swan “the Lover Boy”

Do you know that the mute swan is the biggest Baltic bird? It’s huge! We can often meet it in city parks, swimming proudly in ponds. Our “Lover Boy” likes dark footwear, so its legs are black. When Mr Swan likes Mrs Swan, he ruffles his feathers. How can we tell whether the swan we see is an adult? If it’s not a child, it’s got a big, black spot on the top of his orange beak.

A mute swan and its family spend winter on the south coastline of the Baltic Sea. Between November and April, you can see it near frequently visited beaches. “The Lover Boy” won’t be afraid as it is not very fearful. The mute swan, just as the name suggests, likes to stay silent. Yet, it’s better not to annoy him! He will angrily hiss!

This swan is the heaviest flying bird in Poland. In order to fly up, it needs a sheet of water, which helps with ts running start. It always starts flying against the wind and then changes the direction. During its flight, we will hear a loud whistle of its slowly and grandly waving wings. When flying, the swan cranes. It always lands on water surface or, if need be, on slippery ice.

Interesting facts

As a general rule, swan couples are faithful throughout their whole lifetime. When a mummy swan lays eggs and they hatch, baby swans can swim immediately after, but they still cuddle to her back  with delight and they love to sail on it. Before small swans turn one, they are grey-brown and have dark beaks. Their parents look after them in winter, so the whole family can spend some time together. Then, the children leave home and they fly away in search of their own happiness.