The bay barnacle, “the Little Tulip”

A unique crustacean. The bay barnacle has got a little armour made up of six plates, and at the top, it’s got a cover, which can be unzipped sideways. That is why it looks like a flower. Instead of legs, it’s got beautifully curling whiskers. They are used for eating, but they also purify water. The bay barnacle is small, it only reaches the length of 1.5 cm. What shape is it? It depends if “The Little Tulip” lives near other barnacles. If it likes loneliness and lives alone, it is wide and short. If it lives with its family, it is thin and high, because it lives in a real jam. When it grows up, it leaves its weaker relatives behind, and ascends

Only children are able to move. An adult “Tulip” lives its whole life attached to one place.

Interesting facts

A bay barnacle values the underwater items it lives on. These are stones, seashells, bridges, rocks, boats, ships, and buoys. Its favourite objects are wooden and metal. Why? There is no accounting for taste.