The butterfish, “the Speckle”

Is it a snake? No, it’s a fish. A butterfish! Its body is long as a notebook. Our little snaky fish is turning its mouth upwards, as if it wanted to give you a kiss. It’s unique, because its dorsal fin spans its whole body. Along its back you can see 9-13 round, black spots. Maybe we should give it a nickname of “the Speckle”? What do you think?


The butterfish is a common resident of the Baltic Sea. It likes to dive in shallow water, just around overgrown, stony seabed. “The Speckle” starts a family around the end of the year - during the late autumn and in the winter. The future mummy lays eggs on seashells or stones, which she later closely guards.

Interesting facts

The body of the butterfish is covered with a thick layer of mucus. This clourless, slippery and slimy fluid enhances swimming.