Balticarium – underwater kaleidoscope


The exhibition is the annual presentation of the works of a selected scholarship holder of the Młoda Polska programme. This time, it is Natalia Uryniuk, a young artist from Gdansk, who will present her achievements.

The interactive exhibition – consisting of Baltic compositions from sea creatures moving to create a dance – engages three senses: touch, sight, and hearing. The fourth dimension is a feast of colours and shapes, which stimulates imagination. The aim of the exhibition is to draw society’s attention to the forgotten flora and fauna of the Baltic Sea, so that – through the knowledge gained – people become eager to get involved in its protection. The creation of the works is accompanied by the vision of Earth as a common and equal space for people and animals. The works presented at the exhibition come from Natalia Uryniuk’s latest project: The website is the world’s first multilingual educational platform presenting the animals living in the Baltic Sea. Visitors can see illustrations and animations of animals, read about them, watch videos from the underwater world or listen to poems, and – most importantly – check or deepen their knowledge by playing educational games with interesting graphics. Thanks to Natalia Uryniuk’s voluntary work, the project is developing dynamically and within the recent months, it was presented at exhibitions at the EMGdotART Gallery in Guangzhou, China, at Sophia Square in Kiev, Ukraine, and in numerous venues in Poland.

Balticarium was created thanks to the Młoda Polska (Young Poland) scholarship for outstanding young Polish artists, which Natalia Uryniuk received in 2016. Balticarium received the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Ombudsman for Children. The project combines art, ecology, and science, and focuses on the environment of the Baltic Sea and its animals.

The Młoda Polska scholarship programme is intended for young artists (up to 35 years of age) whose oeuvre includes outstanding achievements in their field of art. Scholarships are granted to visual artists, musicians, photographers, film-makers, writers, theatre directors, and art and literary critics. The programme is operated by the National Centre for Culture.

Natalia Uryniuk – multimedia artist, graphic artist and painter, she writes and illustrates children’s books, creates educational games, designs clothes and functional fabrics, and creates ceramics. Doctoral student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, assistant at Professor Jadwiga Okrasa’s Illustration Studio. Award-winning artist. She has received the “Młoda Polska” (“Young Poland”) award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, among others. Holder of a scholarship of Escola Superior Artistica in Porto, Portugal (2011). She has participated in more than 70 exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including Kuala Lumpur, Warsaw, Cairo, Berlin, Hong Kong, Porto, Beijing, and Singapore.


Organiser: Narodowe Centrum Kultury

Curators: Anna Rakowska, Natalia Uryniuk

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Natalia Uryniuk. Balticarium – underwater kaleidoscope

Duration: 5 lipca - 16 lipca 2017

Exhibition: 4 lipca 2017, godz. 18:00



address: ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 15/17,  Warszawa



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