The turbot, “the Roundy”

It’s a big and predatory fish. In the Baltic Sea its flat body can reach up to 60 cm in length. If you wanted to outline it, excluding the tail, you would get a circle!

The turbot feasts on little fish. It dresses in camouflage. What does it mean? It changes its colour and skin pattern in order to resemble the surrounding background. Thanks to such ability, the turbot hides so it can catch little fish for dinner. “The Roundy” also hides from the animals which could eat it. The taste of the turbot is appreciated by the most notable chefs.

Interesting facts

Why is this fish swimming on its side? When “the Roundy” is grows up, one of its sides grows faster and then it rolls over. At this point, the eye of this fish moves upwards, so the turbot can see. A flat turbot swims this way just above the seabed.