The sand hopper, “the Treasure”

This crustacean has got some majestic antennae. The sand hopper reaches up to 2 cm in length. The most beautiful place for it is wet sand on a dry beach. It avoids the crowds of people. During the day, it hides in the sand under pieces of wood and seaweed. When it sees the sun, it runs away jumping fast. It looks for a shelter to hide from the sun. How to find a hidden sand hopper? Look for little holes in the sand. Our sand hopper most probably spends its time there.


When the sand hopper gets bored about being a girl (or conversely), it can change it! During the autumn, when it feels the frost approaching, the sand hopper buries itself deeply into the wet sand and it falls asleep for quite a long time. It sleeps until the spring. What a sleepyhead!

Interesting facts

The sand hopper is very precious to us. It’s a real “Treasure”! At night, when you are already sweetly asleep, it works hard. In the moonlight, it eats algae, dead animals, and even the rubbish such as handkerchiefs and cardboard boxes. Bravo, “the Treasure”!