The mallard “the Fancy-Pants”

Quack quack quack! What’s that noise? Oh, it’s a mallard! This “Fancy-Pants” decorated its legs in orange and now  is showing off ! This species of duck inhabits lakes and ponds and in winter it moves  together with its family to the coastline of the Baltic Sea. There it becomes attached to one specific place and lives nearby from September to May.

A  female mallard is a hard-working mum. In spring she lays from 8 to 16 eggs and only after laying the last one she starts to brood them. Ducklings leave their nest very early , one day after they hatch at the latest and right away they can beautifully swim and dive. How clever they are! All the time, though, they are under their mother’s care. And what does the mallard like to eat? “The Fancy-Pants” doesn’t sniff at anything as it likes everything.

Interesting facts

How to distinguish a mummy duck from a daddy duck? Mister Mallard has got a green head and a white collar. Mrs Mallard likes brown colour and such is her outfit.