The common tern, “the Colour”

The common tern is a bird with beautiful, narrow wings. This little bird likes the game of colours. Its head is black, but in the winter its forehead becomes white. Its beak is red, often with a black end, but in the winter it is all brown. Only its little legs stay red. Maybe we should call this bird “The Colour”? A common tern has got its tail beautifully open, so it can show its elegance. At karaoke this bird would be the loudest one. If only there is something that it doesn’t like, it screams: " kirri-kirri-kirri" or "krek krek krek".

It lives in small groups on dunes and shores. You can see it near beaches from spring to the end of summer. This little bird likes to eat fish, for which it swoops down. Bigger insects are also its delicacy, so it catches them in flight. Our “Colour” flies really fast

Interesting facts

The common tern likes warmth, so in winter it flies to Africa in order to warm itself up. And you? Do you like winter or just like the common tern you can’t stand the cold?