The atlantic salmon, “the Pink King”

This majestic fish can reach up to 1 metre in length! It’s got silver scales on its body and black spots that cover its back. When it smiles to us, it shows a beautiful row of teeth in the middle of its mouth. This large toothed jaw tells us this fish lives a predatory lifestyle. “The Pink King” reigns near the sea surface. The atlantic salmon flesh is pink and highly valued in the best cuisines of the world.

A salmon lays its eggs in the fresh waters of rivers, but it raises its children in the sea. Tiny salmons, just few centimetres long, together with elder 2-3 year-old fish trek happily to the sea. Here, they start to hunt intensively and after 2 or 3 years they reach their adult sizes

Interesting facts

During a mating season, Mr Salmon becomes reddish and the lower part of his mouth starts to resemble a hook. When a couple decides to have kids, they trek from the sea to the river where they themselves came to the world and where the female salmon lays its eggs.